Calculate your Knockouts when Trading with Leverage

You want to generate profits even with falling stocks, indices or commodities? And use leverage to trade with even a small amount of capital? Then knock-out certificates offer great opportunities, but also higher risk – especially if you only estimate the exit points. At the same time, you also sacrifice higher profits. However, the calculation with all factors is super complicated and time-consuming – that’s what our knock-out calculator is for!

The Knockout Calculator

Simple & convenient, our calculator shows you your exit points. You can use it to set your limit sales and stop losses. This frees you from having to constantly check to make sure you don’t miss a good time to sell. The risk can thus be minimised and the return maximised. You can also see how much remains after deducting tax, expenses and fees – which is particularly important when investing small amounts. In addition, you can keep track of your trades, adjust the values afterwards and see statistics.


Calculate Scenario Values

No more guessing and time-consuming calculations! Calculate exit points, profit, loss and fees relaxed in advance.


Save & Edit Calculation

Save your calculation and adjust values afterwards. Keep track of current trades and access them at any time from anywhere.


Read out Lever Statistics

Enter your exit point after the trade and view statistics – with unlimited duration and number of trades.



After selecting your desired share, you enter all values into the calculator. It calculates the limit, stop-loss, profit or loss before and after deduction of all fees, and much more. You then save the calculation as a current trade.

Current Trades

After entering the broker, you update your exact entry point under the current trades. By making subsequent changes, you can respond to current market developments and maintain an overview of the knock-out certificates.


After selling your trade with the broker, you update your exact exit point for precise evaluations. In the list of completed trades you can now see your performance and sort your trades individually.

Advantages Overview

  • Calculate instead of estimate: less risk, greater opportunity
  • Quick & easy calculation saves valuable time
  • Subsequently adjustable values for accurate calculations
  • Overview of current trades, profits & expenses
  • Sortable statistics to improve your performance

Start Now

By traders for traders: simple, convenient, clear.


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What You Get

  • Instant access to the calculator
  • Overview of your current trades
  • Subsequent change of values
  • Statistics for evaluation
  • Membership without ties

Combine your knowledge with our calculation. You know your shares, indices and markets – we help you to visualise risks and opportunities.


What are Knockout Certificates?

Knock-out certificates are leverage products. They give you the opportunity to speculate on various assets (e.g. shares, currencies, commodities, etc.) with leverage (e.g. x2 or x10). You can use them to bet that the share will rise (long) or that the share will fall (short). The desired knock-out exit values must be entered – and the calculator is very helpful for this.

What does the Calculator Calculate?

After entering the values such as stake, share prices, fees, subscription ratio, taxes and your desired exit prices, the calculator calculates over 20 fields. These include, for example, your limit, stop loss, loss/profit before and after taxes in absolute figures and percentages, and much more. You can then submit the knock-out price to your broker.

Why are Calculation Adjustments Important?

After buying the trade at your broker, you have the option of adjusting the entry point (knock-out certificate) under the current trades. Here you can also adjust/change your exit scenario afterwards in current trades if the shares, indices or markets do not develop as you originally calculated. Often events occur that nobody could have expected. This way you can react quickly and easily. You can respond precisely to current market developments and keep track of your current knock-out certificates.

After completing the trade, you can also edit your values. This way you have exact figures and not an approximate estimate of your performance. Under statistics you can view the period, purchase, sale – sorted by shares, indices, markets – with unlimited duration and number of trades. This gives you a complete overview.

What does the Members' Area Look Like?

After logging in, you will be taken to your dashboard. From there you can access the calculator and the current and completed trades. In the calculator you can enter and save your values. After buying the share from the broker, you can update the values. When you sell the share, you can update the values again, close the trade and analyse it.

Can I Cancel at Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Until the end of the billing period, you still have access to your account and the possibility to extend your subscription. After that, your customer data (incl. all trades and statistics) will be deleted. For details see the General Terms and Conditions.

Does the Calculator Make Predictions?

No. The calculator is not an analysis, tip or forecasting tool. You make your own predictions. Among other things, the calculator converts your desired exit values into KO values. For details regarding the exclusion of liability, see the General Terms and Conditions.

Do I have a Guarantee of Profit?

No. Trading is highly speculative and always involves the risk of losing the entire investment. Leverage products in particular have a higher risk due to the high profit potential. Especially if you estimate exit points and carry out manual sales. The calculator helps you to accurately convert your exit points and enter automatic trades using limit & stop loss. For details regarding exclusion of liability, see the General Terms and Conditions.

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